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Women's Body Types - How to Find Your Body Type

Discover your body to manage weight while properly nourishing your body, which automatically elimates food cravings and provides more energy.

Men's Body Types - How to Find Your Body Type

Did you know different body types need different exercise programs? Learn more about your body type.

Body Type and Diet - the 25 Body Type System

Popular body type diets have only 3 or 4 body types, and consider most people a combination or hybrid, which can be very confusing. That's because there are actually 25 distinct body types, with unique diet and exercise needs.

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The Problem with Crash Diets

Crash diets don't work because they are a form of starvation, which can harm the body. Eating right for your body type is a better solution.

Eating Right For Your Body Type

One diet does not fit all - eat right for your body type to eliminate food cravings, manage your weight, and enjoy consistent energy throughout the day

Body Type and Personality Profiles

The Personality Profiles for each body type are the biggest surprise, for their accuracy and in-depth detail

Eat and Exercise Right for Your Body Type

Skip traditional dieting by eating and exercising right for your body type to maintain a healthy weight