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There are more men's body types than just Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph, which explains why you may have thought you were a hybrid of more than one type. There are also more glandular body types than just Adrenal, Pituitary and Thyroid.

You have one of 25 body types as determined by your dominant gland, organ or system
Find your body type to discover your optimal body type diet and achieve your ideal body shape

What's the best time of day for you to eat fruit or protein? How often should you eat the same food item? How can you lose weight without harmful dieting? What time of day and type of exercise is best for you? What physique goals are realistic for your natural musculature?

I travel extensively throughout the world, eating many meals on airplanes and in restaurants. Following my Stomach body type diet has eliminated my allergy attacks and minimized my jet lag. I am now able to maintain my weight without feeling deprived.

Pepe Romero, USA

Learning how to eat right for my body type resolved my chronic digestive issues, and now I have steady energy and focus all day - I don' get drowsy in the afternoon anymore. The personality profile helped me understand myself better from an objective standpoint, and learning my core emotional issues and how to work with them has given me a much happier and more fulfilling life.

Myke W., San Diego

After your test you will instantly receive the ebook for your body type containing over 60 pages of valuable and insightful information including:

Dietary and Nutrition Guidelines
Lists of Supportive and Stessful Foods for Your Body Type
Sample Menus
Food Substitutions and other useful Tips
Best Times of Day for Meals
How to Lose, Maintain or Gain Weight
How to Increase Your Energy, Focus and Stamina
How to Achieve the Ideal Shape for Your Body Type
How to Eliminate Food Cravings Forever
Recommended Exercise Types and Times
Personality Profile, Traits and Motivations

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